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The corporate portrait or business portrait is a category of photography especially for corporations, companies and businesses in general, which can represent you as a member or head of your business in the different social networks, web pages, LinkedIn, business marketing material, among others.


Today more than ever, people use social media and web pages to obtain information about businesses or freelancers that provide any type of services. The corporate portrait helps to give a face and a human touch to your business' image, which is very important, especially when your business moves and works through social media and websites. For your clients, it is important to know who they are doing business with and seeing the person they are communicating with is a very powerful tool to instill trust.


What to expect from your photoshoot?


The session takes place in our studio located in Río Piedras, San Juan and lasts between 30-60 minutes. The client can choose the color of the photographic background: gray, white, black, navy blue or a specific color (must be coordinated at least 3 weeks in advance). Prices start at $150.00 per studio session but can vary depending of the complexity or location of your photo session. This price does not include hairstyle or makeup unless the client requests the service, in that case, we can arrange the service with our Make Up Artist of preference. You also can hired your favorite Make Up Artist. After your photo session, you will receive a private album with a selection of the unedited images so you can select three (3) photographs. As a result, I will deliver you three retouched images in full resolution by email between 7-14 days from the date of your selection.


The photo session could also take place outdoors or in your work environment (office, workshop, etc.). We also can work with groups or teams so all the members of the company has the same, cohesive type of images.


The photographic background or background environment, clothing, lighting and/or concept should always go together hand by hand and it should be discussed before the day of the session. This will result in an easygoing and relaxed photo session and you will be confident that the final result will be successful.


Below, I will give you some tips you can consider when preparing for your business portrait.

Tips for a better corporate portrait:


  • Always have a friendly expression. Show the expression that suits you best. If you are a serious person, don't flash a big smile, it will look unnatural. But if by nature you are a smiling person, then that is the best expression for your portrait. Direct your face confidently towards the camera so you can convey leadership and empowerment.

  • Neutral colors are usually used in the background and clothing, such as black, gray, white, dark blue, brown, cream, etc. Avoid bright colors, flashy patterns, and bulky clothing. These items will draw attention away from your face. Simple but elegant sweaters, blazers, suit jackets or dresses are visually appealing. Although, there are always their exceptions! The most I love as a photographer is experiencing new and creative things, but it all depends on your business and what you want to present to the world. If what you want is to show a bold, creative and vibrant image of you and your brand/business, we can also do it!

  • Make sure your clothes are ironed, fit well, and are free of stains. An ill-fitting or cramped outfit just looks sloppy and that's not going to get us the best portrait for your profile.

  • Women, use a simple and natural makeup and don't forget to style your hair appropriately. Avoid oversized garments, low-cuts, or anything that distracts from the professional look and attire.

  • Wear your glasses if you wear them all the time, you want to look as authentic as possible in your business image.

  • Men, wear layers, a suit or a jacket. Only wear a tie if it suits the job you do or the job you aspire to do. Don't be afraid to have a more relaxed look. Company culture is changing, so wear what you think makes you look better and represents the image of the business you represent.

  • If you think it is necessary, incorporate any type of "branding" in the photo. It can be through specific colors in clothing or accessories, photographic background, pins or even a touch of color in lighting (I'll take care of that for you!). Remember, the photograph should look cohesive with your branding and platforms.

  • Finally,  it is recommended to use the same photograph or style of photographs on all platforms to show consistency and coherence between them. This also helps to create and/or maintain your branding alive. Also, consider updating your corporate profile photo at least every two to three years.



In conclusion, a good profile portrait should show "the real you". People should feel like they are getting to know you just by looking at your photo. And this will add a good level of familiarity and confidence to your potential clients. So, smile and trust yourself, every little thing is gonna be alright! :)


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